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Optional Figures
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Click to EnlargeAS101
All Star Trim 1-5/8"
Click to EnlargeAS102
All Star Trim 2"
Click to EnlargeF1003
Saleswoman 6"
Click to EnlargeF1004
Salesman 6"
Click to EnlargeF1011
Snow Skier, Female 4"
Click to EnlargeF1012
Snow Skier, Male 4"
Click to EnlargeF1022
Snow Board Skier Male, 5"
Click to EnlargeF1032
Powerlifter, Male 5"
Click to EnlargeF1044
Weightlifter, Male 6"
Click to EnlargeF1050
Drama Mask, 4"
Click to EnlargeF1072
Female Victory With Star 7"
Click to EnlargeF1074
Male Victory With Star 7"
Click to EnlargeF1075
Female Victory With Star 10"
Click to EnlargeF1076
Male Victory With Star 10"
Click to EnlargeF1081
Soccer Forward Female, 5"
Click to EnlargeF1082
Soccer Forward Male, 5"
Click to EnlargeF1091
Soccer Striking Female, 5"
Click to EnlargeF1092
Soccer Striking Male, 5"
Click to EnlargeF1120
Winged Wheel 4"
Click to EnlargeF1135
Soccer, Male 5"
Click to EnlargeF1136
Soccer, Male 6"
Click to EnlargeF1141
Double Judo Female 5"
Click to EnlargeF1142
Double Judo Male 5"
Click to EnlargeF1161
Victory with Wreath, F 6"
Click to EnlargeF1161A
Victory with Wreath, F 5"
Click to EnlargeF1170
Computer, 3"
Click to EnlargeF1200
School Bus, 3"
Click to EnlargeF121
Tennis, Female 5"
Click to EnlargeF1210
Tractor Trailer, 5"
Click to EnlargeF122
Tennis, Male 5"
Click to EnlargeF1220
Dress Fireman 5"
Click to EnlargeF123
Tennis, Female 6"
Click to EnlargeF1230
Fire Engine, 4"
Click to EnlargeF124
Tennis, Male 6"
Click to EnlargeF1240
Fire Pumper, 4"
Click to EnlargeF1250
Ambulance, 4"
Click to EnlargeF1260
Gas Coupe, 4"
Click to EnlargeF1270
Canoe, 2"
Click to EnlargeF1282
Chef 7"
Click to EnlargeF1290
Pumpkin 3"
Click to EnlargeF130
Golf Ball Trim 2"
Click to EnlargeF1301
Witch 5"
Click to EnlargeF131
Golf, Female 5"
Click to EnlargeF1310
Apple 3"
Click to EnlargeF132
Golf, Male 5"
Click to EnlargeF1320
Chess King 3"
Click to EnlargeF133
Golf, Male 7"
Click to EnlargeF1330
Cross with Bible & Hands
Click to EnlargeF1340
Bridge Hand 4"
Click to EnlargeF1350
Domino 4"
Click to EnlargeF1360
Buck Deer, 5"
Click to EnlargeF1370
Dairy Cow, 3"
Click to EnlargeF1380
Dairy Bull, 3"
Click to EnlargeF1390
Dairy Goat 4"
Click to EnlargeF1400
Hog 3"
Click to EnlargeF1410
Rabbit 3"
Click to EnlargeF1420
Sheep 3"
Click to EnlargeF1430
Turkey 3"
Click to EnlargeF1450
Standing Bass, 6"
Click to EnlargeF1460
Trout 4"
Click to EnlargeF1490
Arm Wrestling 3"
Click to EnlargeF1501
Ice Skater, Female 5-3/8"
Click to EnlargeF1502
Ice Skater, Male 5-3/8"
Click to EnlargeF151
Swimming, Female 3"
Click to EnlargeF152
Swimming, Male 3"
Click to EnlargeF153
Swimming, F 5-3/8"
Click to EnlargeF1532
Baseball Pitcher 5"
Click to EnlargeF154
Swimming, M 5-3/8"
Click to EnlargeF1571
Ice Hockey Goalie, Female 5"
Click to EnlargeF1572
Ice Hockey Goalie, Male 5"
Click to EnlargeF1600
Rally Car, 4"
Click to EnlargeF161
Runner, Female 3"
Click to EnlargeF1611
Cycling Female, 4"
Click to EnlargeF1612
Cycling, Male 4"
Click to EnlargeF162
Runner, Male 3"
Click to EnlargeF1620
Canary 3"
Click to EnlargeF163
Runner, F 5-3/8"
Click to EnlargeF1630
Cribbage Hand 4"
Click to EnlargeF164
Runner, M 5-3/8"
Click to EnlargeF1650
Dart, Single, 3"
Click to EnlargeF1680
Greyhound, 3"
Click to EnlargeF1692
Trap Shooter, 5"
Click to EnlargeF1700
Bass 3"
Click to EnlargeF1710
Marlin 4"
Click to EnlargeF1721
Comic Golf, Female 4"
Click to EnlargeF1722
Comic Golf, Male 4"
Click to EnlargeF1730
Rollerblade 3"
Click to EnlargeF1740
Arabian Horse, 4"
Click to EnlargeF1750
Horse's Rear, 3"
Click to EnlargeF1760
Horse Head 3"
Click to EnlargeF1792
Bucking Rider, 4"
Click to EnlargeF1800
Horse Shoe And Head, 2"
Click to EnlargeF1812
Horse Racing, 4"
Click to EnlargeF1821
Majorette, Female 5"
Click to EnlargeF1841
Public Speaker, Female 5"
Click to EnlargeF1842
Public Speaker, Male 5"
Click to EnlargeF1852
Downhill Skier, Male 4"
Click to EnlargeF1872
Wind Surfer, 6"
Click to EnlargeF1882
Tug Of War, Male 5"
Click to EnlargeF1892
Water Polo, 3"
Click to EnlargeF1900
Salmon 4"
Click to EnlargeF1912
Flagman 5"
Click to EnlargeF1922
Dirt Bike Scrambler, 4"
Click to EnlargeF1932
Cricket Batsman 5"
Click to EnlargeF1942
Bull With Rider, 5"
Click to EnlargeF1950
Whistle, 2"
Click to EnlargeF1960
Budgerigar, 3"
Click to EnlargeF1970
Rooster, 3"
Click to EnlargeF1992
Paintball, Male 5"
Click to EnlargeF2010
Bmx Bike Winner 5"
Click to EnlargeF202
Cricket Batsman 4"
Click to EnlargeF2020
Farm Tractor with Cab, 4"
Click to EnlargeF2022
Fencing, Male 5"
Click to EnlargeF2030
Corvette 4"
Click to EnlargeF2032
Pistol Shooting, Male 5"
Click to EnlargeF204
Cricket Batsman 8"
Click to EnlargeF2060
Baseball Glove 4"
Click to EnlargeF2061
Baseball Batdown Female 5"
Click to EnlargeF2062
Baseball Bat Down Male 5"
Click to EnlargeF2080
Softball Glove 5"
Click to EnlargeF2140
Salmon, 4"
Click to EnlargeF2160
Foxhound 4"
Click to EnlargeF2170
Eagle On World Trim 5"
Click to EnlargeF2180
Tuna 4"
Click to EnlargeF2190
Perch 3"
Click to EnlargeF222
Cricket Bowler 4"
Click to EnlargeF224
Cricket Bowler 8"
Click to EnlargeF2240
Chess King 3"
Click to EnlargeF2250
Chess Queen 3"
Click to EnlargeF2260
Chess Knight 2"
Click to EnlargeF2271
Field Hockey, Female 5"
Click to EnlargeF2281
Horseshoe, Female 5"
Click to EnlargeF2282
Horseshoe, Male 5"
Click to EnlargeF2292
Majorette, Female 6"
Click to EnlargeF2301
Gymnastic, Female 5"
Click to EnlargeF2302
Gymnastic, Male 6"
Click to EnlargeF2311
Water Ski, Female 4"
Click to EnlargeF2312
Water Ski, Male 4"
Click to EnlargeF2327
Track, Female 8"
Click to EnlargeF2328
Track, Male 8"
Click to EnlargeF2332
Police Pistol, Male 4"
Click to EnlargeF2342
Modern Victory, Male 6"
Click to EnlargeF2348
Modern Victory, Male 8"
Click to EnlargeF2352
Civilian Rifle Shooting, M 5"
Click to EnlargeF2362
Surfer, Male 6"
Click to EnlargeF2378
Football Runner, Male 8"
Click to EnlargeF2387
Tennis, Female 9"
Click to EnlargeF2388
Tennis, Male 9"
Click to EnlargeF2401
Gymnastic, Female 6"
Click to EnlargeF2402
Gymnastic, Male 6"
Click to EnlargeF240A
Eagle, Small 2"
Click to EnlargeF240B
Eagle, Large 3"
Click to EnlargeF2411
Modern Dance, Female 5"
Click to EnlargeF2421
Ballerina, Female 6"
Click to EnlargeF2422
Kickboxer, Male 5"
Click to EnlargeF2437
Beauty Queen, Female 8"
Click to EnlargeF251A
Victory, Female 4"
Click to EnlargeF251AA
Victory, Female 3"
Click to EnlargeF251B
Victory, Female 5"
Click to EnlargeF252
Victory, Male 5"
Click to EnlargeF253
Victory, F 7"
Click to EnlargeF254
Victory, Male 7"
Click to EnlargeF257
Victory, F 10"
Click to EnlargeF258
Victory, Male 10"
Click to EnlargeF260
Football Trim 3"
Click to EnlargeF262
Football Runner, Male 4"
Click to EnlargeF266
Football Double Action 4"
Click to EnlargeF270
Soccer Trim 2"
Click to EnlargeF271
Soccer, Female 4"
Click to EnlargeF272
Soccer, Male 4"
Click to EnlargeF280
Basketball Trim 2"
Click to EnlargeF281
Basketball, Female 6"
Click to EnlargeF282
Basketball, Male 6"
Click to EnlargeF287
Basketball, Female 9"
Click to EnlargeF288
Basketball, Male 9"
Click to EnlargeF290
Cricket Trim 2"
Click to EnlargeF3010
Sailboat 5"
Click to EnlargeF302
Bmx, Male 4"
Click to EnlargeF3020
Snowmobile 5"
Click to EnlargeF3040
Pickup Truck, 5"
Click to EnlargeF312
Motorcycle, Male 4"
Click to EnlargeF321
Cheerleader, Female 5"
Click to EnlargeF325
Cheerleader, Double Action 5-7/8"
Click to EnlargeF3391
Ballerina, Female 6"
Click to EnlargeF341
Volleyball, Female 5"
Click to EnlargeF342
Volleyball, Male 6"
Click to EnlargeF3422
Motorcycle with Hand Raised, 6"
Click to EnlargeF34282
Karate, Male Full Color 6"
Click to EnlargeF350
Billiard Table 2"
Click to EnlargeF3502
Wheelchair Victory,Male 5"
Click to EnlargeF3520
4 Wheel Drive Truck 4"
Click to EnlargeF3531
Duckpin Bowler, Female 5"
Click to EnlargeF3532
Duckpin Bowler, Male 5"
Click to EnlargeF360
Baseball Trim 3"
Click to EnlargeF361
Softball, Female 5"
Click to EnlargeF3612
Marching Band Drummer 6"
Click to EnlargeF361A
Softball, Female 4"
Click to EnlargeF361AA
Softball, Female 3"
Click to EnlargeF3622
Marching Band Bugler 6"
Click to EnlargeF362A
Baseball, Male 4"
Click to EnlargeF362AA
Baseball, Male 3"
Click to EnlargeF3631
Colorguard, Female 6"
Click to EnlargeF3632
Colorguard, Male 6"
Click to EnlargeF364
Baseball, M 5"
Click to EnlargeF3640
Soccer Trim 2" Color
Click to EnlargeF3650
Basketball Trim 2" Color
Click to EnlargeF3660
Baseball Trim 2" Color
Click to EnlargeF367
Baseball, Female 8"
Click to EnlargeF3670
Football Trim 2" Color
Click to EnlargeF368
Baseball, Male 8"
Click to EnlargeF369
Baseball Batter, Male 5"
Click to EnlargeF371
Dart, Female 5"
Click to EnlargeF372
Dart, Male 5"
Click to EnlargeF381
Lawnbowler, Female 4"
Click to EnlargeF382
Lawnbowler, Male 4"
Click to EnlargeF390
Music Theme 4"
Click to EnlargeF391
Music Note 4"
Click to EnlargeF392
Music Lyre 4"
Click to EnlargeF400
Soccer Ball 5"
Click to EnlargeF400AA
Soccer Trim, 2"
Click to EnlargeF401
Soccer, F 5"
Click to EnlargeF4011
Racquetball, Female, 5"
Click to EnlargeF4012
Racquetball, Male, 5"
Click to EnlargeF401A
Soccer, Female 4"
Click to EnlargeF401AA
Soccer, Female 3"
Click to EnlargeF402
Soccer, Male 5"
Click to EnlargeF4021
Basketball Slam Dunk, F 6"
Click to EnlargeF4022
Basketball Slam Dunk, M 6"
Click to EnlargeF402A
Soccer, Male 4"
Click to EnlargeF402AA
Soccer, Male 3"
Click to EnlargeF403
Soccer, Male 7"
Click to EnlargeF4032
Baseball Outfielder, M 5"
Click to EnlargeF403A
Soccer, Female 7"
Click to EnlargeF4044
King 6"
Click to EnlargeF405
Double Action Soccer, F
Click to EnlargeF4051
Golf Putter, Female 5"
Click to EnlargeF4052
Golf Putter, Male 5"
Click to EnlargeF406
Soccer, Double Action Male 4"
Click to EnlargeF4062
Football Lineman, 5"
Click to EnlargeF407
Bicycle Kick Soc Female 5"
Click to EnlargeF4072A
Santa Claus, 4"
Click to EnlargeF408
Bicycle Kick Soc Male 5"
Click to EnlargeF4090
Billiard Table, Gld with Grn 4"
Click to EnlargeF4110
Billiards 8 Ball, Bk/Gd 2"
Click to EnlargeF4120
Dog with Coon In Tree, 5"
Click to EnlargeF4140
Draft Horse, 4"
Click to EnlargeF4150
Quarter Horse, 3"
Click to EnlargeF4160
Mustang Automobile, 4"
Click to EnlargeF4170
Camaro Automobile, 4"
Click to EnlargeF4180
Volkswagen Bug, 4"
Click to EnlargeF4202
Soccer, Male with 1" Mylar Holder 5"
Click to EnlargeF4205
Softball, Double Action Female 6"
Click to EnlargeF4206
Baseball, Double Action Male 6"
Click to EnlargeF4220
Microphone, 3"
Click to EnlargeF4230
57 Chevy, 4"
Click to EnlargeF4240
Farm Tractor Without Cab, 4"
Click to EnlargeF4310
Touring Motorcycle, 4"
Click to EnlargeF4320
Chopper Motorcycle, 4"
Click to EnlargeF4330
Hot Rod, 4"
Click to EnlargeF4352
Flat Track Motorcycle, 4"
Click to EnlargeF4362
Football Runner 5"
Click to EnlargeF4371
Golf Driver, Female 5"
Click to EnlargeF4372
Golf Driver, Male 5"
Click to EnlargeF4381
Flag Football, Female 5"
Click to EnlargeF4382
Flag Football, Male 5"
Click to EnlargeF442
Equestrian 4"
Click to EnlargeF4422
Magician 6"
Click to EnlargeF4431
Baton Twirler 6"
Click to EnlargeF4442
Karate, Male 5"
Click to EnlargeF4460
Antique Car 4"
Click to EnlargeF451
Karate, Female 4"
Click to EnlargeF452
Karate, Male 4"
Click to EnlargeF453
Karate, Female 6"
Click to EnlargeF454
Karate, Male 6"
Click to EnlargeF455
Karate Double Action Female 5"
Click to EnlargeF456
Karate Double Action Male 5"
Click to EnlargeF457
Karate, Female 8"
Click to EnlargeF458
Karate, Male 8"
Click to EnlargeF462
Boxing, Male 5"
Click to EnlargeF470
No.8 Billiard Ball
Click to EnlargeF4701
Soccer with 1" Holder, Female 5"
Click to EnlargeF4702
Soccer with 1" Holder, Male 5"
Click to EnlargeF471
Billiards, Female 4"
Click to EnlargeF472
Billiards, Male 4"
Click to EnlargeF490
Pigeon 3"
Click to EnlargeF510
Horse, 3"
Click to EnlargeF520
Dancing Couple 5"
Click to EnlargeF560
Alsatian Dog 3"
Click to EnlargeF592
Jumping Horse 5"
Click to EnlargeF600
Football, 5"
Click to EnlargeF612
Cross Country Ski, M 5"
Click to EnlargeF632
Cross Country Ski, M 5"
Click to EnlargeF640
Lamp Of Knowledge
Click to EnlargeF650
Baseball, Large 5"
Click to EnlargeF651
Softball, Ponytail 5"
Click to EnlargeF660
Crossed Bats Riser 6"
Click to EnlargeF661
T Ball Batter, F 4"
Click to EnlargeF662
T-Ball Batter, M 4"
Click to EnlargeF671
Victory 2" Holder, F 6"
Click to EnlargeF672
Victory 2" Holder, M 6"
Click to EnlargeF675
Victory 2" Holder, F 10"
Click to EnlargeF676
Victory 2" Holder, M 10"
Click to EnlargeF681
Ice Hockey, Female 5-3/8"
Click to EnlargeF682
Ice Hockey, M 5-3/8"
Click to EnlargeF682A
Ice Hockey, M 4"
Click to EnlargeF701
Graduate, F
Click to EnlargeF702
Graduate, M
Click to EnlargeF711
Tapdancer, F
Click to EnlargeF722
Roller Blade Hockey
Click to EnlargeF732
Walking Baby 3"
Click to EnlargeF741
Ballerina, Female 5"
Click to EnlargeF772
Fisherman 5"
Click to EnlargeF782
Jumping Horse 4-7/8"
Click to EnlargeF790
Bowling Trim 2"
Click to EnlargeF791
Bowling, Female 5"
Click to EnlargeF792
Bowling, Male 5"
Click to EnlargeF800
Basketball Gold 5"
Click to EnlargeF801
Basketball Hook Shot Female 6"
Click to EnlargeF802
Basketball Hook Shot, Male 6"
Click to EnlargeF805
Basketball, Double Action Female 6"
Click to EnlargeF806
Basketball Double Action Male 6"
Click to EnlargeF812
Soccer Goalie, Male 6"
Click to EnlargeF816
Wreath Soccer Double Action
Click to EnlargeF841
Beauty Queen 6"
Click to EnlargeF851
Gymnastics, Female 6"
Click to EnlargeF852
Gymnastics, Male 6"
Click to EnlargeF860
Pinewood Derby 2"
Click to EnlargeF870
Wreath Religious Cross
Click to EnlargeF890
Go-Cart 5"
Click to EnlargeF900
Stock Car 3-5/8"
Click to EnlargeF910
Stock Car 4"
Click to EnlargeF920
Antique Car 3"
Click to EnlargeF932
Wrestler 5"
Click to EnlargeF944
Achievement, Male 6"
Click to EnlargeF951
Body Builder, Female 5"
Click to EnlargeF952
Body Builder, Male 5"
Click to EnlargeF962
Fireman, 5"
Click to EnlargeF971
Lacrosse, Female 5"
Click to EnlargeF972
Lacrosse, Male 5"
Click to EnlargeF980
Wisdom Bee, 6"
Click to EnlargeF991
Archery, Female 5-1/8"
Click to EnlargeF992
Archery, Male 5-1/8"
Click to EnlargeH171
Cricket Wreath Holder, 3"
Click to EnlargeMF4002
Karate, Male 5"
Click to EnlargeT101
Swimming 1" Holder 4"
Click to EnlargeT111
Running 1" Holder 4"
Click to EnlargeT121
Bowling 1" Holder 4"
Click to EnlargeT131
Baseball 1" Holder 4"
Click to EnlargeT141
Basketball 1" Holder 4"
Click to EnlargeT151
Tennis 1" Holder 4"
Click to EnlargeT161
Soccer 1" Holder 5"
Click to EnlargeT191
Cricket 1" Holder 4"
Click to EnlargeT211
Cricket Trim 4"
Click to EnlargeT221
Hole In One Theme Holder, 6"
Click to EnlargeT241
Soccer Ball Trim 1" Holder 4"
Click to EnlargeT251
Dart Trim 4"
Click to EnlargeT261
Go-Kart 4"
Click to EnlargeT271
Flag And Wheel Trim 4"
Click to EnlargeT291
Crossed Bats/Ball Trim 2"
Click to EnlargeT301
Hole In One 5"
Click to EnlargeT371
Soccer Shoe Trim 1" Mylar Holder 4"
Click to EnlargeWH102
Wreath Holder Baseball, 4"
Click to EnlargeWH103
Wreath Holder Basketball 4
Click to EnlargeWH105
Wreath Hlder Cheerleader 4
Click to EnlargeWH106
Wreath Holder Football, 4"
Click to EnlargeWH110
Wreath Holder Hockey, 4"
Click to EnlargeWH112
Wreath Holder Lamp of Knowledge 4"
Click to EnlargeWH113
Wreath Holder Soccer, 4"
Click to EnlargeWH114
Wreath Holder Swimming, 4"
Click to EnlargeWH116
Wreath Holder Track, 4"
Click to EnlargeWH118
Wreath Holder Wrestling 4"
Click to EnlargeWH131
Wreath Holder Cross, 4"
Click to EnlargeWH132
Wreath Holder Allstar, 4"